Kratom is a plant. The scientific name for Kratom is Mitragynaspeciosa. This plant or tree belongs to the coffee family. It is found in abundance in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Since nineteenth century, people use kratom as a form of medicine since the nineteenth century. The Kratoms are the leaves of a plant.

The leaves are dark green and can grow to over 20 cm long and up to 12 cm wide. The flowers grow in the cluster of three at the end of branches.

Methods of Growing

The Mitragynaspeciosa plant is quite tough to grow in a controlled setting as it needs a lot of sunlight. That is why farmers directly plant the herb in natural areas and the right places. The plant flourishes in abundance of sunlight and water. The farmers are trained and know the modern methods of harvesting crops, how to dry them, and the process of grinding them into powder form. The Kratom plants need a lot of care; that is why they need only experienced farmers to deal with them.

Process of Choosing the Right Crop

The Kratom plant demands experienced farmers. These farmers who are rich in experience will pick a mature and fully grown plants. They harvest the plants at the right time in order to have good quality ones.

Traditional Usages

People in Malaysia and Myanmar, the places where it grows, has been traditionally using kratom as medicine. They chew its leaves to increase energy and appetite, just like coca. The extract of leaves or leaves it selves are also used to heal wounds and also as a mood enhancer. Since the herb is bitter in taste, people sometimes add some sweetener.

When we talk about natural herbs, there also comes the doubt about whether it is all safe or does it have some side effects. Many people from Indonesia and Thailand use the Kratom plant as a substitute for medicines to cure some diseases, even in today’s world. Many people do not consider Kratom safe and sometimes claim it is addicting and dangerous for health. At the same time, it is a natural herb. Before turning the leaves into powder, the farmers filter them.

Kratom and Kratom powder is legal in a lot of states today. Its natural benefits and dangers are still unknown, at least most of them. Scientists are researching its benefits, and the modern world is giving a lot of attention to it.

Where Can I Get It?

After studying the benefits of Kratom powder, you might want to try using it yourself. But the problem is where you can buy it at a reasonable price. There are a lot of online websites who are selling the powder. But still there remains the doubt whether you are getting it in all natural forms or they will mix chemicals. There is a safe site, namely Maluku Kratom. Search for it with this name. With a variety of strains, the best customer service and a very trusted reputation for many years selling kratom to various parts of the world makes your kratom buying experience feel very easy and enjoyable.

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