Hello Fellas,

We are back with special “SUMMER SALE” BUY 2KG FREE 2KG for all strains.

Please choose 4Kg strains that you want to purchased to get the special sales promotion, then Input coupon code: SUMMER2K19.

1 kilo can be splitted into two strains. If you want to split the kilo, please email us first. Our staff will email you the special invoices of the splitted kilo.

This promo is available during this summer.

More information? Please contact us by the email or via WhatsApp +628991388446. We would be happy to help you.

Happy Shopping and Keep Kratom On!

6 thoughts on “SUMMER SALE

    • admin says:

      Hello, Sir. The price of our kratom is $35/kilo not including the shipping cost. The length of the shipping time depends on the customs clearance in each country. Thank you ^^

    • admin says:

      Hello, Sir.
      There are two shipment use to ship to U.S which are Pos Indonesia and DHL. Currently, the shipping price using Pos Indonesia is 107.29 while DHL is 140.80. The price could be change in anytime depent on the regulation and currency value. So the total price will you get is 2kg + Shipping price or $70 + your shipping preference
      Thank you ^^

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