Why Maluku Kratom Product Safety Is Guaranteed

While the world is facing a pandemic, personally, people are facing trust issues with everything around them. They are left to be wondering about the safety of all things they touch and consume. The same case applies to receiving packages from other countries. If you are also feeling unsafe over receiving your Kratom package, then you can check out Maluku Kratom. Maluku Kratom product safety can be guaranteed as it has been handled with the right hygiene protocol.

How Maluku Kratom Handled Its Products

There are some processes in how Maluku Kratom handling its products, from planting and harvesting, to packaging.

1. Planting and Harvesting

Kratom trees in the Maluku Kratom plantation are originally from Maluku Island. We found that the Kratom trees from Maluku Island taste less bitter and have a unique aroma. Eventually, we plant the Kratom from Maluku Island in our plantation at West Borneo. While doing that, we make sure that the trees grow in an eco-friendly and protective environment with rich nourished soil. 

Maluku Kratom’s plantation at West Borneo

In both planting and harvesting, we select our workers carefully and make sure that they have trained with enough skill before they can start working.

Dry Kratom Leaves at Maluku Kratom


2. Packaging

All the workers in Maluku Kratom are provided with masks and gloves to keep our product safe and clean. It is part of our protocol for the workers to always wear masks and gloves while taking care of the products. We have been doing this long before the pandemic started as we believe that hygiene in handling products is crucial at any time.

Example of Maluku Kratom Product Packaging

3. Lab Testing

All the products in Maluku Kratom are tested in the laboratory. We are checking for the E. coli, Salmonella, mold and yeast on every batch before we send anything to our customers. This process is part of our dedication to prove that the safety of Maluku Kratom product is guaranteed.

Do you still have doubt or question regarding Maluku Kratom product Safety? Maluku Kratom is always open about all things related to product quality and safety. Ask away on our live chat and you will certainly get your anwer

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