The use of kratom as a fitness supplement finds the pros and cons. Some might say that it is not good due to legality. On the other hand, native from South East Asia has been using kratom many centuries.

During the last two decades, its popularity has been on the rise in western countries, especially in the USA. Its ability in pain relieving and substituting some synthetic medications are outstanding.

Its mood enhancing properties, anxiolytic effects, and relaxation power have made of the plant a natural alternative to traditional medicine for many people and. Although the debate on Kratom safety and efficacy has been open for as long as it has been widely popular in the western world, it is quite clear that more scientific research is needed in order to make specific claims about the uses and effects of the plant.

Meanwhile, millions of people around the world continue using Kratom to improve the quality of their lives in many ways. 

Kratom as a fitness supplement

Given Kratom’s beneficial effects, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many use it as an effective supplement for fitness purposes. 

Kratom can be a very effective, natural workout supplement for fitness lovers, athletes, and bodybuilding professionals. 

Its potential to improve general performance, boost energy, and treat pain caused by existing chronic conditions make it a perfect natural alternative to processed supplements.

Kratom as a Pre-workout Supplement 

Pre-workout supplements are designed to generate confidence and motivation, as well as to increase energy and resistance. 

Those who exercise and workouts regularly know that taking good pre-workout supplement beforehand is crucial. It is to ensure a constant high level of energy throughout the whole activity.

Kratom has vasodilatation properties that cause blood to circulate more effectively to those parts of the body that need it the most. When working out, your muscles need more oxygen and, therefore, more blood. Kratom helps with that process, providing a feeling of energy boost right before and during the workout.

Kratom for Focus and Motivation

Taking the right dose of Kratom 30 to 40 minutes before working out will also help you focus and stay focused during the workout. 

Kratom helps your body build stamina and, contrary to what happens when you take caffeinated or energy drinks, Kratom doesn’t have a jittery effect and it won’t make you feel apprehensive. Kratom provides a solid, gentle, pleasant boost.  

Chronic Pain

For those who suffer from chronic pain due to a chronic illness or any other condition, Kratom is also a great alternative. Thanks to its pain-relieving properties and analgesic effects, it helps cope with the pain and it allows chronic-pain patients to enjoy a physically active lifestyle. 

Kratom for bodybuilding

Sore joints and weak muscles are not uncommon in bodybuilders, who lift crazy amounts of weight and tend to workout very often. Kratom can help reduce the pain and sore sensation in muscles and joints, making it easier to keep an intense training routine. 

Perseverance and mental tenacity are two of the mental qualities needed for bodybuilding and Kratom can also help with those thanks to its mood enhancing properties. 

Combined with its energy boosting effects and pain-relieving properties, the plant becomes a perfect natural bodybuilding supplement.

Can I use Kratom to lose weight?

The answer is yes! And don’t get us wrong, Kratom will not directly make you lose weight, but it can help you stick to a diet routine as it reduces your appetite and it can help reduce your eating anxiety. 

Appetite control is one of the hardest parts of staying fit and physically active. However, kratom is able to help to control it. Kratom helps you to be less prone to cravings and to eat with a more regular and spaced schedule.

Besides, Kratom is a very good digestion stimulant as it helps regulate bowel movement and gas.

Kratom’s mood enhancing and stimulant effects can also help you stay focused on your diet goals. This focus will ease you to maintain a regular regime and routine.

Kratom for pain management in fitness

Pain relief and pain management are some of the most popular uses of Kratom. 

Its efficacy has made it a perfect option for those trying to use less synthetic medicine, such as opiate based medicine, and stick to a healthier lifestyle. 

Whether you suffer from chronic pain that makes it harder to workout regularly or you’re in pain precisely from working out, Kratom can help manage the pain so that you can reach your workout goals.

But, Is Kratom safe?

Kratom is a safe supplement. Otherwise, there has been a lot of misinformation and negative propaganda around Kratom’s safety. The truth is that there is no real-demonstrated scientific evidence that proves Kratom is directly involved in any health issue such as the ones that have been reported by the FDA.

In fact, the World Antidoping Agency stopped monitoring kratom in 2018 according to their list.

How much Kratom should I take?

High doses of Kratom have sedative effects. It is also very helpful for anxiety and relaxation. Yet, the ideal doses for working out are on the lower side. Something between 2 and 6 grams would be the general suggestion.

However, it is crucial to understand that Kratom works different on everyone. It should be taken in rather small doses at the beginning. Later on, when one understands how the plant works on their body, they add.

Please, do not take our recommendations on dosing as medical recommendations, they are not. These are only suggestions. We encourage you to consult with a health professional before altering your diet or supplement intake habits with this or any other supplement.

What are the best strains of Kratom for working out and bodybuilding?

White strains of Kratom are definitely the best option if you want to take Kratom as an exercise supplement. 

Maeng Da is one of the most potent strains. Is an ideal option for those seeking motivation and the right energy boost to make the best of their workouts.

Bali Kratom is one of the most well rounded strains. It is a very good option to take as a supplement. It’s perfectly balanced pain relieving properties and energy boosting effects are ideal for a good exercise session. Indeed, it is one of the most popular strains of Kratom.

If what you need is something more on the pain relieving side, the Green Maluku strain is your strain! This strain has excellent stimulating properties. Its strong pain soothing effects will help you deal with joint and muscle pain to enjoy your workouts.

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